Detroit: Allen Park City Hall

Without knowing where their next offices will be, city officials of Allen Park, a Downriver suburb of Detroit, approved the demolition of their former City Hall on Southfield Road, located right next door to the rented office spaces in which they are currently working. The building also housed the Police Department.


It was once a church, evident by the crucifix still visible in the main auditorium.  After its conversion, this auditorium held many years of graduations for Southfield schools.


Crews arrived to completely demolish the site by the end of February, and a decision for the location of the future municipal offices should be made by the end of March.

So, farewell to the this little piece of local history as the city works to upgrade its facilities.  In other recent news, the city of Allen Park was just released from financial oversight by the state of Michigan after noticeable economic improvement.


Allen Park City Council to discuss purchase of new City Hall property at March 7 meeting

Asbestos removal clears the way for demolition of former Allen Park City Hall, Police Department

Former Allen Park City Offices Leveled





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