Detroit: Mishkan Yisroel / Blaine Shul Synagogue

Mishkan Yisroel was founded by Russian immigrants who built it as a replacement for an older synagogue in 1925.  As Detroit’s Jewish population moved out of the city and into the suburbs, yet another new synagogue was planned for the congregation in nearby Oak Park toward the late 50’s and New Mount Moriah Baptist Church took over the old building in 1964.  God’s Inspirational Kingdom Church was founded there in 1972 and appeared to possibly share the space with New Mount Moriah until they moved to their current location in 1979.


It was abandoned in 2003 or 2004 when God’s Inspirational Kingdom disbanded, and has fallen into severe disrepair.  The stairs have entirely fallen through and the upper floor is difficult to access and in very bad shape.



The altar is covered in repetitive tags of someone’s Instagram handle, which I blurred.



Mishkan Yisroel will likely have to be demolished due to its declining condition.  It’s a sad end for a lovely, historic little neighborhood synagogue.

4 thoughts on “Detroit: Mishkan Yisroel / Blaine Shul Synagogue

    1. Usually it’s just that the neighborhoods around them are emptying. As the congregations get smaller, they can’t afford to maintain old and (often) very large buildings. It’s the most tragic in places like this, that aren’t viable options for renovation.

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