Somewhere: Abandoned Airport

A small town’s playfully retro modern airport, with bright colors and streamlined 1950’s style, quietly decays on an empty stretch of country highway.


Though the glassy exterior had taken quite a few hits and interior vandalism is beginning to mount, the wide variety of mid century hardware and details were largely intact.  It’s clear how much fun the designer had shopping for knobs, fonts, and doors.


There was an auditorium, featuring a grid of UFO light fixtures and a patterned curtain, flanked by a large geometric stone fireplace.

As usual, I’ll reveal the location when it becomes more appropriate.  Hopefully the right rural mid century modern enthusiast will someday find a use for this unique, hidden little gem.

5 thoughts on “Somewhere: Abandoned Airport

  1. I really enjoyed looking at these pictures! I am a fellow Urban explorer photographer myself and I would love to see this place I have been already to a very cool old abandoned school this year ( I had cabin fever after winter so I didnt wait until spring to go check the school out hehe Luckily it wasnt to cold that day:-) ) and it is like a time capsule times back then were just so much more with flair and all compared to today I also enjoyed the star shaped doors and diffetent 50s, 60s themed rooms

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