Detroit: West Side Fieldstone House

This odd little house is now owned by the Detroit Land Bank, and is part of the city’s most recent wave of federally financed “Hardest Hit” neighborhood demolitions, which you can follow on their website.  It saw some more recent, never completed renovations, including the addition of windows in unexpected places.


Lots of these little houses had fireplaces with shelves on either side, but they were removed in this one in favor of glass blocks, fit with little narrower windows.


For security, it would seem, if not for the enormous bay window out to the porch.


Upstairs seemed to have been completely gutted, in favor of completely starting over, and check out that red ’70s carpet on the stairs.



There were a few small items left behind, along with a huge, modern bed frame in the basement, which seemed to contrast the older things upstairs.



Not sure what the story here was, but presumably, like many others, it was abandoned after the renovations became too expensive.

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