4 thoughts on “Pittsburgh: Whosoever Church & School

  1. I’m always curious when looking at your photos as to how you get access to these sites. Do you usually have permission or are you just finding your way in? I know a lot of photographers who do abandoned places effectively break in often with security guards allowing them at their own risk.


    1. In this case, and many others in Pittsburgh and Buffalo, we just happened to be at the right place at the right time and a crew of workers let us walk through. Sometimes they take the money we offer, sometimes they don’t. I’d love to meet those security guards, though, because it’s only ever been city workers/window boarders that let us explore!

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      1. Yeah I’m not sure where or how many of those there are but I remember a website I used to look at which was all abandoned places and there were comments on there about security guards turning a blind eye as long as they didn’t take anything or damage anything – wish I could remember the website

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