12 thoughts on “Buffalo: North Park Library

      1. Ohhh I get it, oops! 🙂 That is pretty awesome. Beatrix has shown up a few times during my “Bun Safari” project I’m working on this year (bunnies in abandoned buildings), I may have to mention the coincidental timing when I make my post!

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      2. Really? Oh that is cool. What an interesting idea. I’ll have to check that one out.
        The library and school posts are beautiful, but also sad when I think of all the knowledge that was held in these places.

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      3. It’s true, especially in places like Gary where no replacements could be implemented. At least a lot of districts decide to keep or auction the books and equipment instead of leaving them behind, these days. It used to be a lot more common.


    1. Thank you! This is such great news! Also, having seen it from the ground, I had no idea it was shaped like a bird taking flight. Hopefully the repairs are pretty straightforward and go smoothly. I can’t wait to see what it becomes!


  1. This was my childhood library. It was closed due to asbestos. It was a wonderful place and I used to go often. My parents took me often and I loved the freedom I got from choosing my own books. I’m an illustrator myself now and the Beatrix Potter graphics were something I all but forgot about. Thank you for posting this.

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