Toledo: Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple - East Side Toledo, OH

Toledo’s East Side Masonic Temple recently made news for raining bricks onto the street below, but little other information is available on the beautiful Temple-turned-Paintball course.

The more formal gathering rooms remain relatively untouched.

The paintball course included netting built through larger, informal community spaces and bold colors painted through the lobby and front hallways.

The condition of the building suggests it might be a good candidate for renovation, once the brick issue is solved.  Hopefully someone, someday, finds a good use to preserve it.

8 thoughts on “Toledo: Masonic Temple

  1. I spent most of my teenage years in this building. Very sad to see it in this condition. It was such a beautiful and haunting plac in its day. The orginal gated elevator that needed an elevator person to operate. But never take it past the 3rd floor or you would get stuck. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. So many memories were made in this magnificent building. I can hardly drive by it now knowing the condition it is in. Each room holds special memories, especially the meeting room off the dining room where our Rainbow Assembly would gather…the sound of our shoes on the wooden floor as we walked together, and the echo of our voices as we spoke and rehearsed the songs we were going to sing at performances. Happy memories of friendships made. I so hope that the building can be brought back to the beautiful life it so deserves.

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