Detroit: Fisher Body 21

From turn-of-the-century carriages, to anti-aircraft weaponry, to limousines and buses: this historic factory manufactured an impressive range of machinery.  Condemned by the EPA, this otherwise prime piece of Detroit real estate remains glaringly vacant at a major highway intersection, with a beautiful view of the city skyline.


19 thoughts on “Detroit: Fisher Body 21

  1. Before seeing the feature photo I have not realize a peeling wall may be so appealing. you have shown how to look at something, how a broken window and peeling wall can be great subject of photography.

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      1. I read an interesting article about the wildlife in Pripyat and how many species are flourishing there now. I think the general argument was that human populations are more damaging to wildlife than radiation so removing all the people has reclaimed/restored the space for the animals. Interesting. In any event, love your work!

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      2. I loved that article, it really gave me hope that nature can undo some of the terrible things we have done to it. And, it’s fun to search for microcosms of that reclamation by nature in places like Gary 🙂 Thank you!


      3. I am a long time birder and, years ago, went to concert at Detroit’s Masonic Temple. All the buildings around it are open and deserted and the birds were clearly using those places to nest in. Do you find that when you photograph? Are these buildings becoming some kind of open aviaries?

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      4. There are a lot of birds, but I worry about them finding their way out. I actually just spent a few minutes taking pictures of the birds in an abandoned prison this morning!


      5. They are pretty smart. There was video floating around online a few years ago of a group of swallows that had figured out how to fly in front of an automatic door sensor on a parking garage so they could come and go as they pleased. Very funny. Look forward to your next post

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