Detroit: Mystery Garage

A small collection of vintage and antique vehicles were found left behind in a decaying, riverfront Detroit garage.  Since these two photos were taken, the garage has been demolished, and vehicles have been removed from the property for restoration by a new collector.


6 thoughts on “Detroit: Mystery Garage

      1. If we can get permission, we do, but it’s usually pretty hard to get an answer from property owners. Falling through the floor is always something to be concerned about, but trouble spots in the floor are usually easy to distinguish!

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  1. Amazing that things like that just get left, but great that there are still places to be discovered like this. Interesting pictures, I like abandoned places but there’s not much available around here to photograph


    1. Thank you. Detroit has been changing a lot, so there isn’t a ton left to explore here either, which I know sounds surprising. If we’re looking for new experiences, we just drive to other cities instead!

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