16 thoughts on “Gary: Ivanhoe Elementary

    1. Thank you! I’ll see what I can come up with, it is definitely one of Gary’s smaller, lesser-known schools. We did have a nice chat with a neighbor, so maybe I could use that too.


  1. Wow! I went to school there in the mid 1950s, when it was brand new! So sad to see it all gone to waste. You wouldn’t by any chance have a photo of the original Ivanhoe school, would you? It was a little wooden white building a few blocks north (I think) from the new Ivanhoe school. Been a long time since I’ve been back to Gary, Indiana. Thanks for posting the photos.

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    1. I don’t have a shot of the original school yet (I didn’t know to look for it while I was there!) but I am hoping to get back to Gary this summer. I’ll be looking for it when I do. Thank you for your comment!


      1. That would be great if you could find one. The original school sat somewhere between Colfax and Burr on 9th Avenue. I took a look on Google earth to see if I could figure out where it was, but that was the best I could figure. I lived on Wheeler street at the time. One of my cousins lived across the street from me and we both went to kindergarten and 1st grade at the original school. The new Ivanhoe school (that you now have photos of all torn up) was finished and I went there for 2nd grade. I remember being awed by how big it was and how clean and brand new it was. After 2nd grade, we then moved out of Gary to a farm-ette near Crown Point where I lived until I graduated from high school from CPHS. I have fond memories of my time at both Ivanhoe schools. Did you go there? And when?

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      2. I didn’t go to Gary Schools, I’m from Michigan. But Gary Public Schools have such a colorful and unique history, I’ve really enjoyed documenting them and learning their stories. I have tried to visit as many as I can!


      3. It just dawned on me that you are not going to Gary to do research, but rather document via your photos. I thought maybe you knew of an archive somewhere that had photos of the old schools. Unfortunately, the little white wooden school house that was the original Ivanhoe school was torn down many, many years ago, so there isn’t anything there for you to photograph. Sorry. . . . Interesting that a person from Michigan would have such a love affair with Gary Public Schools. 🙂 My brothers went to Edison High school there. Not sure if it is still standing any longer either. There are so very many abandoned buildings in Gary. It’s almost become a ghost town. Since the mill shut down all the people moved out.


      4. I *think* Edison High School is still standing. I have seen other people’s photos of it. As for a photo of the old Ivanhoe school, it looks like the Gary Public Library’s Indiana Room is being renovated with no forseeable opening date…which is a little unnerving. But maybe there’s something on their Indiana History Online collection if you can get their information to log in?


  2. Sad to hear but this morning the school was on fire. A friend and I toured the school on its last day in 2010. These pictures are so sad and at least I have the memories of it being habitable. A busdriver friend text to say it was on fire this morning. Not even on the news yet so not sure of level of damage.


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