Toledo: Abandoned Church/Library

Once a church, later converted into a library, this historic Toledo building has sustained heavy water damage and vandalism due to local notoriety.  Despite its disadvantage, it serves as an imperfectly preserved time capsule for an assortment of vintage literature and periodicals.


Originally the location for a still very much active Methodist congregation, this historic Gothic church was architecturally transformed into a library, with two levels of evenly arranged modern metal stacks built between the floors.


While the earliest components of the structure were built in stone, the vision for a new library called for a modern twist to starkly contrast the expansive gothic arches, elaborate brickwork, and historic fireplaces throughout the religiously traditional architecture.  Unfortunately, the library ultimately failed and was left behind, mostly, as-is.


The rusting stacks remain fragile and decaying, the shelved books useless to even the most ambitious treasure hunters, due to extensive water and mold damage.x-0038x-0043x-0045x-0048x-0055x-0056x-0062x-0065x-0077x-0079x-0081x-0082x-0083x-0086x-0089x-0098x-0107x-0124x-0129

2 thoughts on “Toledo: Abandoned Church/Library

  1. So much of the imagery on this blog seems post-apocalyptic; odd that we engage in entertainment, video games, movies along the same lines when parts of our world are already like that.

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