Detroit: Abandoned High School

We were granted access for one final look at light touching the halls of this abandoned Detroit high school, as the first floor windows were boarded by the city.

This high school boasted two gymnasiums (to be separated by gender), a pool, and an auditorium with some unusual retro Steelcase-style builtin seating.  Left exposed to the elements, the the building shows signs of rapid decay, but we were surprised to find many of the lockers and metal parts remaining yet unstolen.

As Detroit Public Schools scrambles to save its debt-ridden institution from damage unresolved by the emergency manager, Darnell Earley (who, with Governor Snyder, oversaw Flint’s transition from the Detroit to the Flint river. a switch that caused an enormous scandal and actual human rights crisis.  Earley’s resigning on February 29th), they hope to sell as many buildings like this as quickly as they can in order to improve the very poor conditions of the few schools left still open.  [x]


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