Gary: Edison Middle School


Many neighborhoods are protective of the buildings that once served their community, especially of schools and churches.  Few express the sentimentality that motivates their protection, but Edison Middle School features numerous displays of this nostalgia.

The neighbors keep a diligent watch on Edison, reporting suspicious activity and trespassers, including us.edisonjunior-05112640emeraldave-0434edisonjunior-0134edisonjunior-0453

As the years passed, the structure began taking on large amounts of scrapping and water damage, despite the best efforts of the neighborhood.  Several rooms on the lower floors are severely flooded and molding.  The gymnasium, which was filled with cataloged and packaged textbooks, features a large skylight that has allowed for plant life to thrive among the decaying books.
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15 thoughts on “Gary: Edison Middle School

  1. so sad 68 was my last year there then on to west side but I remember my time there I lived on dallas st and walked to school again so sad


  2. It is very, very sad to see a school close, but what was the worst part of it, all of the books that remained to decay. Schools close because of low numbers everywhere but to let the books go to waist shows how we devalue education. The devaluing education lead to the destruction of our school system which made the citizens in Gary leave to find opportunities elsewhere. A sad reality.

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    1. I completely agree – and I feel the same about the desks, furniture, and signage, especially when there’s such a market for industrial and vintage decor. Even if you can’t sell the books, there are plenty of charities to send them overseas. But, I suppose the process of closing a school is emotional and exhausting, so I could understand why faculty would just want to lock the doors and get it over with instead of tracking down the proper channels to auction/sell/donate things they’ve probably viewed as obsolete junk for a long, long time.


  3. It saddens me to see this. I went to this school from 4th grade thru 8th grade. I really loved this school. It was so nice and clean. I had Mrs. Katie Hall for my Teacher god bless her. I will never forget this school. Thank you for posting.

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  4. Those text books could have been donated to other schools,before Edison closed. Too many Gary,IN Schools have closed. We must pray that the students who suffered through this will receive a good education “Somewhere”.

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  5. I’m editing a pretty powerful memoir with scenes that take place at Edison Junior High in the early 1970s. Googled for more information and saw your post. Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. My biological father attended this school. His name is Leroy Nelson born in 1940 Gary, Indiana. The youngest of two older brothers. Hubert Eugene, Edward Elwood. Please recongnize my Dad Wayne Leroy Nelson. I have’nt seen Leroy in seven years. He is greatly missed. If any classmates of his would please contribute to help his youngest daughter Rhonda Carol nelsonparsneau find him?

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  7. So sad My sisters and I went to this School.
    We walked living in the Brunswick area.
    I have been in ATL for 31 years.When I come to see my parents & Siblings. It
    breaks my heart to see how Gary has
    fallen apart. Regardless Gary at one time looked great. Its still where I grew up.
    Leaving Edison to West Side High School.
    At Edison is where I met my best friend.
    We r still friends to this day
    She is visiting me this weekend
    So excited

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  8. I am shocked by what has happed to our High School. Are there not enough High School student that could of gone to this school still? I know the area suffered with White Flight but there has to be some answer to the people who still live in the area. Where do the students go now? How are they learning?


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